Welcome traveller
my name is Steve. I am a passionated street dancer, meditator and developer of this website.

I am glad that you are here. You might ask why I'm glad about that. Because you give me the chance to offer you help in discovering your own path to true happiness. Why is that important to me? Since I was a kid I have gone through a deep painful process of self-awareness. I realized that my selfishness and self centered behaviour was the root of all of my suffering. I finally realized that we all - the whole universe - are one and that I can only experience true happiness if you all do.

Everyone is a traveller seeking for truth while taking a never ending trip throughout his own mind. Everyone is constantly working on a better version of himself. Therefore we get our challenges in life from time to time to make progress. But many of us often either struggle to deal with these challenges, do not accept them or do not even recognize them as challenges at all.

We should never forget that we are all one infinite energy which is constantly moving while experiencing itself. So that means that our acting always has an impact on everything around and within us. If you harm somebody - be it on purpose or not - you will get harmed. If you spread love, you will receive love. Everyone has already experienced some kind of truth from which we all can learn from. So being respectful, helping people and learning from each other is vital to achieve true happiness. To get to this highly desired state, we all have to change our mind and adjust our own truth constantly.
And this is what FLOWSION is all about: Movement of your mind.

Let me help you on your way to pure bliss so that I can make progress as well. Let's do it all together! Let's unite!
Thank you so much my friend!
Workbench for your mind So what do I have to offer? FLOWSION is all about boosting awareness and overcoming inner and outer limitations in order to develop a strong, healthy and especially fluid mind and body. FLOWSION offers an online community platform in which you will learn together with many other travellers how to dance in a creative and meditational way to express, free and develop your true self. FLOWSION Meditational Dancing will improve the following:

  • Overall awareness
  • Balance, agility, coordination, smoothness, precision
  • Energy management (hold, raise or lower your energy)
  • Focus management (adjust your awareness quickly)
  • Flow Management (improve and stabilize the flow within and around you)
  • Body Control (more efficient movement in your every day life)
  • Handling of your emotions
  • Patience and resilience
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Brain- and muscle-memory

This will finally make it possible for you to experience an overall improved quality of life which will empower you to help other people on their path too.

Keep in mind that this version of FLOWSION is still in a very early development state since I have to develop every single feature of this platform by myself.
There are so many features yet to come and in addition I am looking forward to your own ideas of how to improve FLOWSION constantly. You can support me and all members of FLOWSION by subscribing to one of our memberships on Patreon. Thank you so much!